What Is Conservation and Adventure Travel?

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Linking tourism and conservation is a new ecotourism concept. Conservation and adventure travel puts the importance of conservation before travel. Instead of just sitting back and enjoying a safari ride, you actually get your hands dirty and help make a difference by volunteering at a worthy cause.

By linking tourism and conservation you get to transform your leisure time into something valuable. You still experience the wonder of travelling to a new location, but you will go home much more fulfilled from the volunteering experience.

That’s the wonder of giving, even though you are offering something up, the experience will be more enriching than you could ever imagine. Sure, it will be a more challenging holiday than just lounging on the beach. But the satisfaction of knowing you helped to make a difference will be so much more rewarding.

Afterward you when you are back in the nine to five office rut, your valuable contribution to conservation will continue to make a difference. Much more valuable than just a few fun selfies in exotic locations.

Taking Ecotourism One Step Further

The definition of ecotourism is tourism that is directed towards exotic natural environments with the intention of supporting conservation efforts and observing wildlife. The movement started evolving from the 1980’s, but now it has progressed to the next level of involvement.

In a nutshell, the following are the basic principles of ecotourism

  • To minimize social, behavioral, physical and psychological impacts on the environment.
  • To create a greater awareness and respect for the environment and unique cultures
  • To provide positive experiences to both the visitors and the hosts.
  • To provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
  • To generate better financial benefits for both the private industry and local people.
  • To deliver memorable experiences to visitors that will help raise sensitivity to the host countries’ environmental, social and political climates.
  • To design, construct as well as operate low-impact facilities.
  • To recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of indigenous people in their community and work in partnership with them to create more empowerment.

The main focus of ecotourism is to unite sustainable travel, conservation and communities. When linking tourism and conservation, the natural outflow is conservation and adventure travel packages. Travelling is an amazing life-changing opportunity and it’s an exciting concept to imagine your holiday counting for something bigger.

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How Does Conservation and Adventure Travel Work?

The Expeditions Company was founded by Rocco Olivier who is passionate about conservation. The packages are focused on adventure, usually to areas where a specific endangered species resides. On these trips you get to track and observe magnificent animals and exotic plant life, engage with locals and become more educated with exactly what conservation entails in a practical application to the environment and wildlife.

The Expeditions Company is not interested in making money from these conservation and adventure travel trips, most of the profit is donated to the communities who look after endangered species. The sole focus of the company is to provide support to groups engaged in the conservation efforts of specific areas and species.

Become More Aware

Oftentimes we go through life oblivious of the plight of certain animals and plants. By embarking on an expedition into an unknown country, you will be exposed to wildlife you do not usually come across. Instead of just blindly donating money to a conservation fund, you can experience a new country firsthand and make your holiday count for something bigger.

By linking tourism and conservation you can join the team of innovative wildlife preservers. Don’t feel guilty about wanting an exciting adventure while contributing towards a conservation cause. Emerging yourself in a country will make you much more passionate about helping with a conservation project.

This way you can rest assured that your contribution is going towards a worthy cause. The danger in giving anonymously to a cause, is that you don’t know exactly where your money goes. Unfortunately there are people out there who don’t care about conservation but they do care about money. And they are looking for anonymous donators who won’t ask any questions.

By using a reputable company such as The Expeditions Company for your conservation and adventure travels, you will firstly experience an unforgettable holiday adventure and secondly become part of a dynamic conservation project team.

Rocco Olivier has extensive experience in the tourism industry and has decided to redirect his career-focus to linking tourism and conservation.

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Join Us to Help Save the World

You might think that your contribution is but a drop in the ocean. But in the end it’s all the little contributions that help to make a big difference. You know the story of a man throwing starfish back into the ocean?

He was spotted on the beach taking them one by one and flinging them back into the ocean. Someone walked past and said to him, “why bother, you won’t be able to save them all.” The man’s response, “I made a difference to that one starfish.”

If we all just assume someone else will help to save the endangered species of the world, they will slowly die out one by one because no one cared enough to try and make a difference. The beauty of conservation and adventure travel is that you get to keep the memories of an unforgettable adventure after you’ve made your contribution to help save the world.

Become Involved Now

The Expeditions Company’s Javan Rhino Expedition is highly recommended. Travel to Indonesia and explore Java and Bali. Explore one of the most remote jungles on our planet. A b
onus of the adventure – lots of exercise!

This nine day expedition includes trekking through the jungles of Ujung Kolon National Park, snorkelling the warm waters off the west coast of Java, hiking along the coast of Ciramea, river rafting in Ubud and so much more. During your trek, you will search for the elusive Javan Rhinoceros, a species so rare, it is estimated that there are only 60 individuals left in the wild. The initiative helps to save this endangered animal by raising funds to protect this majestic creature.

For more information about upcoming expeditions, click here.

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Linking Tourism and Conservation:
A New Kind of Travelling

The concept of linking tourism and conservation is an excitingnew endeavor and you can now become part of this groundbreaking initiative. If you love travelling and you are passionate about wildlife, this is the perfect way of combining these two interests that complement each other so perfectly.

Do you like contributing to conservation projects? What do you think of the concept of linking tourism and conservation? Do you prefer to just donate money or would you consider donating your time to a worthy cause as well?

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